What is Community Service and Its Importance – (Updated)

One of the best ways any individual or group of people can help the public or give back to the community is through community service. It has a positive impact not only on society but also on the personal development of the participant(s).

Reading below you will get to know What is Community Service and Its Importance, and also Places where Community Service can be done.

what is community service and its importance

What is Community Service

Community Service is a non-monetary compensation work carried out by a person or group of individuals for the interest, improvement, or development of a certain geographical area. Community service differs from volunteering in that it is not always performed voluntarily and may be required or assigned to a person or group of people depending on the circumstances.

Community Service can be done in several places like; markets, schools, orphanages, hospitals, stations, churches, and lots more. It can be performed voluntarily or assigned to an individual or a group of people.


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Participant of community service acquires some practical skills and experience as they also learn basic integral habits such as Team Work, Time Management, Leadership skills, problem-solving, and lots more.

Benefits/Importance of Community Service

Community service is an important social development factor, it helps in building the society by improving the structure of the community and also impacts positively on the individuals who carried out the work. The volunteers and the community people benefit from it, though it seems the citizens of the community benefit more than the volunteers.

Below are the Top Five Benefits/Importance of Community service

1. Learn New Skills

Community service offers numerous options for personal and professional development, with one of the most valuable advantages being the potential to learn new skills. Many organizations are always searching for volunteers to help with certain initiatives, which is a fantastic way for them to free up time to focus on more vital work. This is an excellent opportunity to develop vital skills that can enhance your resume and make you stand out from the crowd.

2. Community Service Raises Social Awareness

Volunteering or community service provides one with a perfect opportunity to become closer to the community they live in. Community service broadens your horizons by helping you understand the needs of the society and the population you are trying to help through the project you are volunteering on. Reading or hearing about issues is not quite the same as getting personally involved. It brings you closer to families and individuals in need and gives you firsthand experience and understanding of the conditions they are in.

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3. Helps in Socialization

Community service can serve as a platform for some introverted individuals to connect and make friends while on site. It gives the opportunity for people especially students to connect and make friends with one another. Introverted students sometimes have problems meeting people and making friends, but volunteering might help shy and quiet individuals with this issue as it offers lots of opportunities to meet and work with various people. Thus, it is a valuable experience for improving and practicing how to socialize in diverse surroundings.

4. Society Development

Community Service helps in the building and development of society especially when there is a problem to solve that requires financial aid, such problem(s) can be solved by the volunteers, thereby helping the community to save or allocate funds to other needs of the society which will in turn bring more development.

Community Service also helps in the accomplishment of some abandoned projects, with the aid of volunteers some jobs which had been left over years due to poor funding can be done.

5. Impact on student’s life

Community Service is a proven way to improve a student’s life. Studies show that students who volunteer are more likely to get a higher GPA in school and perform better in other areas of their life. It’s also proven to increase a student’s self-esteem and help them meet other people and develop connections with their community.

It helps students explore their interests and identify career goals. For instance, volunteering at a homeless shelter or a hospital can lead to a career in health care or social work, and a volunteer position in a trades industry can help a student to earn money.

Final Thought on Community Service

Community service is a highly beneficial activity that benefits not only the community but also oneself. This will not only help you to make a difference in the community, but it will also give you several experiences that will improve both your professional and personal life.

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  • that was nice source of informaion, is here any difference fom terminology community work and community service

    • Hi Lily Tweve,

      ~ The term terminology can be simply put as a system of words used to name things in a particular discipline.

      ~ For example if you have friends who are engineers, you can find out that in the process of their conversing, they are likely to use engineering words (terminology) such as; Surface finish, Precision, Accuracy, and lots more.

      Having known that, you can find below the difference between Terminology in Community Service, and Community Service.

      * What is COMMUNITY SERVICE?

      ✓ Community Service is a non-monetary compensation work carried out by a person or group of individuals for the interest, improvement, or development of a certain geographical area.


      ✓ It can be said to be related words used in place of Community Service in the same discipline. e.g⬇️

      * Examples/Some Commonly Used Terminologies in Community Service⬇️

      – Charitable Work
      – Good Works
      – Volunteer Work
      – Social Work
      – Public Service
      – Humanitarian Aid
      – Social Service

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