Ayede Town in EKITI State – Brief History

Ayede Town in Ekiti State Brief History

A Brief History of Ayede Town in Ekiti State, Historical Background, Religion, Festivals, Occupation, and Tourist Centres.

A Brief History About Ayede Town in EKITI State

Historical Background.

Ayede Town is located in Oye Local Government Area in Ekiti state, which is situated in the South Western part of Nigeria in West Africa. Ayede is one of the home towns of the Yoruba ethnic group, history has it that the town (Ayede) was founded by a warrior named General Izimo from Iye-Ekiti and a mercenary (hired fighter), Atta Esubiyi from Ibadan Kingdom, according to some historic account some Igalas migrated to Ibadan many years ago, out of which so many of them have three (3) tribal marks like the Kogi Igalas which made up the Ayede Ekiti community.

General Izimo from Iye-Ekiti hired Attah Esubiyi from the Ibadan Kingdom who came along with his war colleague, after the war, they became the first settlers of the Ayede Ekiti community.

The name Esubiyi (Echubiyi) which is the name of the hired fighter means darkness or invisible, Attah Esubiyi was said to have gotten the name from his Igala war colleague who is from Bida Nupe. Attah Esubiyi hails from the Ibadan Kingdom, but his war colleague from whom he adopted his name as well as his warriors are Igalas. These Igalas and their descendants are still members of Ayede Ekiti town. Attah of Ayede is still known as the title of the traditional ruler of Ayede Ekiti.



Ayede Town is made up of three recognizable religious groups, which are; Christianity, Islam and Traditional worshippers.


Several festivals are celebrated in Ayede Town annually like, Iyemonja Olokun, Orisa Ojuna, Orisa Iyagba, Agan, and Oro Iyeye Festivals.


In Ayede Ekiti the most occupation for men is farming and hunting, while few of them are into trading though some combine both farming, hunting and trading. Ayede Ekiti men traders are majorly merchants in tobacco products and raw tobacco. The traders carry their goods by transportation to Lagos Island to meet other traders from foreign lands mainly the Ajases from Port Novo, Igbominas from modern-day Kwara and the Tapa from present-day Benue and Kogi States. They also did trade with other traders from foreign lands but to be concise only the major trades were mentioned above.

Ayede Ekiti women were majorly into petty trading, while a few of them can be said to be industrialists.

Tourist Centres.

Ayede Ekiti Town is endowed with some natural beautified tourist centres like; Omi Kurudu, Metigberon, Textile mill, and lots more.

Omi Kurudu tourist centre is pure spring water with its source directly to a rocky mountain.

Metigberon tourist centre is a high mountain where the earliest missionary settled, this mountain gives a general view of Ayede Ekiti.

Textile Mill; Ayede Textile mill is a local textile factory that produces fabrics.

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