How To Pass UNIPORT Post UTME | 2024/2025 Simple Guides

The University of Portharcourt is one of the top most sought-after federal Universities in Nigeria. Yearly over forty thousand (40,000) aspirants apply to study in this institution (UNIPORT).

This article on How To Pass UNIPORT Post UTME Guides was carefully researched and written to enhance the success rate of applicants aspiring to study in this institution and to make them outstanding in their Post UTME screening exercise.

How To Pass Uniport post utme

Only a few of the applicants do make it in getting admission to study in UNIPORT some do not score up to the University’s Cut Off Mark, and some have a higher JAMB Score which even exceeds the school’s Cut Off Mark, but their Post UTME Score were low.

I love the University of Portharcourt because of its transparency in the admission process, if you pass all the admission criteria which having a good JAMB score that is in range or exceeds the school’s Cut Off Mark, good grades in your O’Level Result, and a higher score in the Post UTME are inclusive, I think you stand a better chance in getting admission.


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It’s heartbreaking after some applicants scored high in JAMB UTME but they weren’t offered admission because of low Post UTME scores. This is what inspired us to write this article on How To Pass UNIPORT Post UTME so that applicants aspiring to study in this institution will have sure guides on how to pass.

How To Pass UNIPORT Post UTME – 10 Simple Guides

Guides 1: Know the Exam Structure

Knowledge of the Post UTME questions structure of how they are set and what subjects are covered in the questions should be the first approach when an aspirant is trying to figure out How To Pass UNIPORT Post UTME screening exercise/exam. The questions comprises English Language, Mathematics, and a logical/general knowledge depending on the course of study. To have an in-depth knowledge of the exam questions you are advised to study the past Post UTME questions of the University of Portharcourt (UNIPORT).

Guide 2: Study Past Post UTME Questions

One of the ways you can know the structure of the exam is by studying past questions, in so doing you are exposed to how the Post UTME questions are set, the subject combination, its difficulty level, and lots more.

You might think is not necessary to study the past questions but think of it, if you are exposed to an exam questions before you sit for the exam don’t you think you would do better than when it’s not? That’s just how post UTME Past questions are important it helps in exposing the format of the exam to candidates letting them know the key area or topic that is recurrent.

You can get the UNIPORT Post UTME past questions at any of its campuses, or you can check out trusted vendors online. Order Now.

Guide 3: Have a Good Study Plan

Having bought the Post UTME past questions you will have to develop a good plan that can help you read and practice the questions or exercises. You must carve out time of study that is purposeful, one of the ways you can make that happen is by drafting a reading timetable that can help you study intensively.

The reading plan should be included or drafted in such a way by which there are set time for a particular subject and topics, it should have a detailed timing that is focused on attaining its aim or purpose and also allowing adequate time for revision before the day of your exam.

Furthermore, start studying on time, concise your plan into daily or weekly attainable goals, track your record by evaluating yourself, and be consistent.

Guide 4: Source and Make Use of Available Materials

Source for other materials like; textbooks, JAMB Syllabus, Reference books, ebooks, attending offline and online classes that can help improve your knowledge on the subject matter. This material will expose and also prepare you for the exam.

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Guide 5: Master Your Weakness

In studying to pass the Post UTME exam you should also focus on the subject that you aren’t too good at. Your effort should be emphasized on those subjects and topics that you find difficult to understand, you can ask for clarification and better explanations from tutors, classmates, friends, and professionals both offline and online. Doing this can enhance your performance in those areas you find difficult thereby boosting your intellectual capacity and confidence.

Guide 6: Effective Time Management

Proper management of time is one of the key points in passing UNIPORT Post UTME, many students over the years has failed in dealing with this issue that had led them to not attempting or give answers to all the questions. The University of Portharcourt Post UTME is a Computer Based Test (CBT) screening exercise that comprises fifty (50) questions and each candidate has only thirty (30) minutes to give answers to these questions.

It is advised you click on the answers you know and skip the ones you find difficult, do not waste time trying to figure out answers to the questions you may find difficult instead skip to the next question, and come back later when you are done with the ones you know to attempt the difficult ones, in so doing it will help you in proper use of your time.

Adding to that, it’s also necessary you prepare yourself with tutorials and online computer-based tests or exercises that help you learn and know how to make effective use of your time. To get this done you will have to look out for UNIPORT Post UTME Apps or websites that has timed exercises for aspirants. You can do research on Google Playstore or IOS Store for it.

Guide 7: Stay Informed

In as much as you are preparing and studying for the exam, it’s of utmost importance you stay up to date with information about the UNIPORT Post UTME.

You must keep in touch with details about your institution of choice by so doing you will be informed about when the Post UTME form is on sale, the exam hall and venue, the format of the exam, and other important updates concerning the school’s exam. Join our WhatsApp Chat here, we promise to keep you updated about University of Port-Harcourt Post UTME and other educational updates >>> here

Gather as much information as possible, you can type the school name on platforms like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms to join groups and chats concerning their Post UTME.

You can join a UNIPORT Facebook group like “UNIPORT Updates” on Facebook to be informed about the latest happenings, you can ask questions and also post to the group about what you want to know. Apart from the above-mentioned group, there are a lot of them just make your research.

Note: Joining this social group doesn’t make you a student of the University of Port-Harcourt (UNIPORT). Do not get over-excited with the information you will get the feeling that you have made it, rather focus on your studies and give a listening ear to the important updates that matter to you personally.

You can also join educationinfo.com.ng on their Facebook Group, where you will get the latest gist and updates concerning UNIPORT and other institutions.

Guide 8: Adhere To Exam Instructions

Sticking to the exam rules is one of the principles to passing your Post UTME screening. Many students fail the UTME screening test because of negligence to simple instructions.

Read and also pay attention carefully to all the Post UTME rules/instructions before you attempt any question. Do not whisper or ask your college questions while in the exam hall is against the rule, instead raise your hand to call the attention of the examiner/invigilator if you have any questions or challenges.

Stick to the exam rules and be respectful to the invigilators do not try to act too smart or cheat.

Guide 9: Be Positive Minded

Prepare and be of a positive mindset, do not appear to the exam hall anxious or boring rather be of good cheer, filled with positive vibes and energy ready to overcome.

Guide 10: Believe in God and Stay Humble

Do not forget we humans can try our best to achieve something or to be successful, and we put in our best to make it work but one thing is for sure there are powers over us which physics regards as force(s).

According to physics to get work done is equal to (=) Force x Distance = Work done.

So for you to get any job done it means there has to be a higher power (force) that will move you from where you are to your destination. Connect to God, do your best, and believe in him.

Furthermore, stay humble before and after the exam no matter your score, do not go bragging about your JAMB and Post UTME score wait until you are given admission. Before you brag, remember the popular saying that “Pride comes before a fall” so in other words do the best you can, put your trust in God, and stay humble.

Lastly, I wish you success in your exam.

Final Conclusion on UNIPORT Post UTME

In addition to the Guides explained above, arrive on time, eat fit and stay healthy, and drink little water before the exam to avoid being pressed inside the hall.

Go along with your Post UTME Registration Slip(s). After the exam cross check before you submit and also note your score as it will be displayed on the computer screen.

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