How To Link Email Address To JAMB | Two Simple Ways 2024

Do you know How To Link Email Address To JAMB? We have detailed step by step guide on how to that on this page.

Getting your email linked to JAMB portal is very important and easy to do because it will give you access to login to your JAMB Caps or Profile.  You might want to ask How can I link my email to JAMB? when it wasn’t used or linked during JAMB Registration.

How to link email address to jamb

Yes, email is no longer needed during JAMB Registration, rather a phone number is used to create a means of contact for other JAMB related issues. Having considered that email wasn’t used for JAMB registration, another question should be How can one access his JAMB Profile or login to JAMB Caps without a JAMB linked email address or password?

Though you didn’t register JAMB with an email address, you will have to create an email and also link your email address to JAMB Caps to enable you access your JAMB Profile and further communication with JAMB. See also How To Create an Email Address


There are Two simple Ways/Method on how to link email address to JAMB which are; linking your email address to JAMB through SMS (SMS Method), and at JAMB CBT Centres.

Two simple ways you can use to link your email address to JAMB are:

i. Sending your email address to JAMB as SMS  (SMS Method)

ii. Visiting JAMB CBT Centres to carry out email linking.

Below are explanations of these two methods.

Method 1.

How To Link Email Address To JAMB – Using Phone (SMS Method)

Guide 1. Open the SMS/Message App

Open the messaging app on your mobile or smart phone, enter or type the word ’email’ a space gap and enter your email address twice using this format (email emailaddress emailaddress) send it to 55019.

To explain further; if for example, the name of your email address is educationinfo.com.ng@gmail.com, then you will have to send it as an SMS by typing the word “email” one space gap then educationinfo.com.ng@gmail.com one space gap educationinfo.com.ng@gmail.com.

That is; the message will be looking like the example below;
email educationinfo.com.ng@gmail.com  educationinfo.com.ng@gmail.com
See also – How TO Create Gmail Account.

Guide 2: Send the Message to 55019 (Recipient)

After typing your email address using the format above, then send it as a text message (SMS) to 55019. Make sure you are using the phone number which you used for JAMB registration.

Guide 3: SMS Charge Deducted

After successfully sending the message as instructed above, an SMS charge of N50 (fifty naira) will be deducted from your line. So do ensure that you have at-least a minimum airtime balance of N50.

Guide 4: Email Successfully Linked To JAMB

After following the process promptly you can now login to your email and look out for a mail from JAMB containing your unique password which will be used as a login password each time you want to login to JAMB Profile. See also >>> How To Create and Access My JAMB Profile. The Unique Password sent to you from JAMB will be looking like this (candb∗∗∗∗∗). This Unique Password becomes your login password whenever you want to login to your JAMB Profile.

To confirm this Unique Password sent to you from JAMB you will have to visit the JAMB efacility Portal via https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/Login. At the JAMB efacility page you can login by using the email address which you used to send the message to JAMB and the Unique Password (candb∗∗∗∗∗).

Kindly note that this SMS method may not work sometimes due to network glitches. You can also link your email to JAMB using the other method below;

How To Link Email Address To JAMB At CBT Centres

1. Visit the nearest CBT Centre in your area or JAMB Office in your State. See the List of JAMB CBT Centres near you

2. Explain to the staff on sit that you want to link your email address to JAMB.

3. You will be given a form or a sheet of paper to fill out your email address, Profile Code, and JAMB Registration Number.

4. Correctly fill the form and submit.

5. Do thumb-printing

6. Your email linking is processed by the JAMB Officer.

7. After that, you will be charged a service fee of N700 (seven hundred naira)

8. Pay the fee and get your linking slip.

The CBT Method is the best working method for now. After your email has been linked to JAMB, you can verify it by following this simple guide on How To Confirm If Your Email Has Been Linked To JAMB. See guide below;

How To Confirm If your Email Is Linked To JAMB

In order to confirm if your email has been linked to JAMB, just follow these simple steps below;

1. With your mobile or personal computer open the Gmail app or you can visit the Gmail site at www.gmail.com.

2. If you are using the email app, just check your mailbox to see if you were sent a mail from JAMB.

3. If you are using a browser to check your mail, just login with your email and password, then check your inbox to see if you received a mail from JAMB. The mail usually comes in this format noreply@jamb.gov.ng.

If you received this message from JAMB (noreply@jamb.gov.ng). Congratulation your email has been linked. You can open the message to see your JAMB login Password. The password usually comes in this format (candb∗∗∗∗∗). You can use the Password and your email address to login to JAMB Caps or JAMB Profile.

If you didn’t get JAMB message in your inbox mail, you can check for it in your spam mail. But if after checking you still didn’t get the mail from JAMB, you will have to wait for 24 hours. When it is up to 24 hours and the JAMB message is not received yet, kindly go back to the CBT centre for them to resolve it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Linking of Email To JAMB.

i. Is Linking of Email To JAMB Compulsory

Yes, It is required for all JAMB candidates to link their email addresses to JAMB, but you can register for JAMB without an Email address, in-fact email address is not needed for JAMB registration. Your email address is needed to be linked for further communication with JAMB.

ii. What If My Email Isn’t Linked To JAMB

Candidates whose Email is not linked to JAMB won’t have access to receive direct information from JAMB. That is to say, if your Email is not linked to JAMB you can’t have access to the followings below:

  • Access JAMB Caps; If your email is not linked to JAMB you can’t have access to JAMB Caps, because before logging in to JAMB Caps you will have to type in your email address and password that is linked to JAMB.

  • Correction of Data; You cannot do correction of data like, change of institution, change of course, correction of date of birth, etc. If your Email is not linked to Jamb.

  • Accept or Reject Admission; You cannot Accept or Reject Admission if your email is not linked to JAMB, before you can do that you will have to login with your email address and password that is linked to JAMB.

  • If your email is not linked to JAMB, Printing of JAMB Admission Letter and so many other things can’t be done in your JAMB Profile/Caps.

iii. Can I Use an Email Address Twice for JAMB Registration?

That is to say, if a candidate can still use an email address that has been used before for JAMB registration for the second time?

The answer to this question is NO because it is mandatory by Joint Admission and Matriculations Board (JAMB) that one email address should be used for each candidate’s JAMB registration. Rather candidates are advised to create and use a new email account if their email address has been used for JAMB registration. See How To Create A New Email Account.

iv. Is There a Deadline Date for Linking Email To JAMB?

Officially no date has been announced by JAMB as the closing date for linking of email to JAMB, but it’s better you link your email to JAMB immediately after registration

v. How Much Will It Cost To Link Email To JAMB?

Normally aside from JAMB Registration, other JAMB related issues resolved in JAMB CBT Centres are placed under the service of N700 (Seven hundred naira). But some CBT Centres might charge a little bit higher.

In Conclusion:

Linking your email is very simple to do if you follow the above illustration, it is recommended you link your email at JAMB Accredited CBT Centres.

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    • The following might be the reason why your email or password is invalid on the Jamb portal.

      1. You did not link your email to JAMB during or after registration.

      Click on this >>> https://www.educationinfo.com.ng/how-to-link-email-address-to-jamb/ to confirm if your email is linked to JAMB

      2. You are not logging in with the linked email address, you need to log in with the JAMB registered or linked email address. If not you will keep getting an “invalid email” response until you use your registered or linked email address.

      3. It might also be that you made a slight mistake while typing your email address.

      A typo error can also be the reason for an invalid email or password response. Therefore confirm that your email address and password, and its characters is typed correctly.

      4. It could also be that you entered an incorrect password.

      Probably you have tried all you could to solve the invalid email problem but it continues. If that is the case you do email or password recovery.

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