8 January 2019

How to start A Professional Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business With Less Than N300K... - Business 


Numbers are the language of the Business

There are many reports you will read about Nigeria and this has led to many youths runing away from this country in the name of looking for greener pasture but regardless, there is a huge business opportunity that can make you a millionaire - "as far as you can see with strong belief and determination, you can bring not just water but gold out of the rock"! 

I spoke at several conferences and workshops on different opportunities in Nigeria, but all were theories without any evidence until May 29, 2016. After speaking to a group of youth with loud accolades. As I was about leaving the stage, then something said to me, "So what business do you have?".

Opportunities are disguise with challenges and only the wise can see it!

It was like a blow and I said to myself that before the end of the year, I will have something (a business that I have stated) to share with my audience! Guess what? At that time I was at the mercy of my laundry guy and even my neighbors were also having a similar experience! That was when it hit me that this challenge can be turned into an opportunity. Yes, great opportunity!

Here is our report card for 2years!

- Turnover of over N5.6m
- Over 157 Customers and 5 Corporate Organisations
- 6 Staff with an average monthly income of N30k (excluding commissions & bonus)
- 3 Collections centers (that has empowered 2women with N30K monthly)
- Most Affordable with Free Pick Up and Delivery anyway in Lagos
- The business started with less than N300k
- Guess what? We don't even have a shop! Yes. We use available space around us (which has saved us the cost of rent)
- Check us out www.classicprolaundry.com 

I will be glad to share more experience for those who are interested in starting something small and needs encouragement....The honest truth is that there are opportunities in this country!


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