20 May 2018

Ecowas Jobs:Specialist to Conduct a Corridor Economic and Spatial Development


Ecowas Jobs:Specialist to Conduct a Corridor Economic and Spatial Development Initiative... 


The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is a provincial gathering of fifteen West African nations. Established on 28 May 1975, with the marking of the Treaty of Lagos, its main goal is to advance monetary coordination over the area.

Expert to Conduct a Corridor Economic and Spatial Development Initiative Scoping and Project Packaging Study for the Abidjan-Lagos Highway Corridor Highway Development Program


The ECOWAS Commission has gotten Grants from the African Development Fund (ADF) and the European Development Fund (through the African Investment Facility - AfIF) to take care of the expense of concentrates on the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Highway Development Project, and expects to utilize some portion of Grant add up to back administration Consultants Contract for Corridor Economic and Spatial Development Initiative (SDI) Scoping and Project Packaging Study for the Abidjan-Lagos Highway Corridor.

The administrations under this Contract for the most part comprise of: (I) characterizing the passage's zone of impact to demonstrate immediate and circuitous recipients (populaces, other monetary exercises, and so on.) which the hall influences and the other way around, utilizing the suitable specialized strategy under the SDI idea; (ii) recognizing and breaking down the noteworthy formative parts of the different zones along the hallway; (iii) distinguishing a longlist of monetary undertakings (exchange, coordinations, industry, and so forth) inside the land zone of impact of the Corridor, that merit creating as a major aspect of the multinational roadway venture to bring about an all encompassing financial advancement passageway, (iii) information gathering, and checking (shortlisting) of SDI ventures; (iv) creating administrative and institutional system for the comprehensive improvement of the hallway as a financial advancement passage; (v) perform monetary and money related investigation of chose activities to decide the idea of speculations required for facilitate advancement and (vi) build up an Abidjan-Lagos hall financial advancement speculation and advertising design.

Attainability and Detailed Engineering Studies are to be directed per the accompanying parts to cover the whole passageway: (I) Lot 1: Abidjan (Cote dIvoire)- Takoradi (Ghana), 295.3 km; (ii) Lot 2: Takoradi-Apimanim (Ghana)- Accra (Ghana)- Akanu/Noepe Border (Ghana), 466 km; and (iii) Lot 3: Akanu (Ghana)- Noepe (Togo)- Lome (Togo)- Agonmey Glozoun (Togo)- Athieme (Benin)Cotonou (Benin)- Seme-Krake (Benin/Nigeria)- Lagos (Nigeria), 320.06 km. All separations gave are demonstrative and could be all the more relying upon the possible affirmation of arrangements by Member States.

The general span of the Feasibility and Detailed Engineering specialized investigations is evaluated at twenty seven (27) months for each part and the Corridor EEonomic and Spatial Development Study might cover the whole passageway for a time of twelve (12) Months with some break yields (impacts from shortlisted ventures) that could be accepted by the achievability and point by point plan Consultants.

The ECOWAS Commission welcomes Consultants (firms with demonstrated involvement in spatial improvement activities, monetary hallway advancement, urban and arrive utilize arranging, transport foundation building firms for expansive scale framework ventures) to present their appointment for the administrations portrayed previously. Intrigued, qualified and qualified experts must create data on their capacity and experience showing that they are met all requirements for administrations of comparable nature. The shortlisting criteria should be: (a) general involvement in Economic Corridor Development, urban arranging and improvement administrations (Studies, Technical Assistance, Project Management,) in the course of the last ten (10) years; (b) particular involvement in the field of investigations of spatial advancement and foundation of monetary zones along multinational thruway passages amid the last ten (10) years; (C) Specific involvement in cross-fringe or multinational land-utilize arranging in the course of the last ten (10) years; (d) accessibility of key work force (list, capability, encounters); (e) strategic and gear; (f) IT Resources and specific programming, and so on (g) ability to deliver reports and all other important records on the examination in English and French.

NB: Each reference will be outlined on a venture sheet, and will be viewed as just if the hopeful appends supporting archives demonstrating the contact data of the contracting experts in order to encourage check of the data gave:

• Excerpts of agreement (inward cover page and page with the marks) in addition to Attestation of good execution.

• Consultants may frame gatherings to build their odds of capability.

The qualification criteria, the readiness of waitlist, and the determination technique might consent to the African Development Bank's Procurement Framework for activity financed by the Bank Group as of October 2015 accessible on the Bank's site: http://www.afdb.org The choice methodology will be founded on Quality Based Selection Method (QBS), and a waitlist of six (6) firms which display the best profiles should be drawn up after the outflow of premium. Additionally the organizations that are a piece of a global system are to submit one articulation of intrigue.

Technique for Application

Due date

11:00 a.m (GMT+1); fourteenth June, 2018.

Technique for Application

Intrigued and qualified experts ought to present their Expression of intrigue which must be conveyed in a composed shape (one (1) marked unique in addition to four (4) duplicates) (face to face, or by enlisted mail) and should be unmistakably stamped: "Concentrates on the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Highway Development Project/Expression of Interest in Consulting Services for Corridor Economic and Spatial Development Initiatives Study", to be conveyed face to face through:

Directorate, General Administration, Procurement Division,

Initial (first) Floor of the ECOWAS Commission Headquarters,

Plot 101, Yakubu Gowon Crescent,

Asokoro District,



• Expressions of Interest should be submitted in English or French dialects.

• That if singular specialists are proposed by firms, just the experience and capabilities of the people should be utilized as a part of the choice procedure, their corporate experience might not be considered, and the agreement, if given, will be marked with the proposed people.

• The determination will be done based on an examination of educational module vitae and the chose Consultant will be welcome to create Technical and Financial Proposals which will fill in as the reason for arrangement for the finish of the Contract Agreement. (Determination technique: Individual Consultant in view of the Consultant's Qualification).

• Interested Consultants can acquire additional data at the email address specified underneath amid available time: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm (GMT + 1), Nigerian time on working days: Email: procurement@ecowas.int with duplicate to: pgueye@ecowas.mt ; vtulay@ecowas.mt ; cappiah@ecowas.mt ; deklu@ecowas.mt ; sbangoura@ecowas.mt

• Electronic entries are not acknowledged and in this way, won't be considered
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