15 March 2018

Development Computer Based Traffic Offence documentation system


Development Computer Based Traffic Offence documentation system 


This project is carried out in order to develop Computer Based Traffic Offence documentation system to all aviate the problems incurred in Federal Road Safety Commission problems such as Traffic Offences, Mis-sorting of files, which may result when handling or processing these files manually. The Road Safety Commission has always over the time has a way of documenting issues that has to do with road users and offenses committed by road users. Man has always violated a law that has to do with driving over the years because of several circumstances which might be his fault or not. So to manage all of all this events and occurrences in road and road use, the government has to set up a body to handle the affair that has to do with drivers and car owners to ensure a proper use of the roads and vehicles. The project was done so as to develop a software that will be able to take care of all the processing that are involved in one taking a policy such as file maintenance, that will help one as he/she finds his/her way through the package. However, the design was carried out only to the activities documentation system with the hope of computerizing it so as to design an automated system to solve most of the existing (manual system). Finally, when the design is fully implemented, there will be improved flow of information and information retrieval by means of on-line direct access enquiry system, which will improve customer relations due to fever computation errors, more timely speedier response to enquiry and tracking of traffic offending.          


1.1              BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY
The Establishment of Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) in 1988, there was no solid and managed arrangement activity to address the massacre on Nigerian streets. Prior endeavors toward this path were restricted to discrete and separated endeavors by a few conditions of the Federation and people. The exertion of the Nigerian Army in the preparation of its officers and men on street security in the mid 1970s likewise added to street wellbeing thoughts and cognizance in Nigeria: The Nigeria Army began the principal open Road Safety battle in 1972 when it started a yearly Road Safety Week. (B. Agreiter and R. Breu, 2008) 

The main think strategy on street security was the creation in 1974 of the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) by the then Military Government. The effect of the commission was be that as it may, not managed. In 1977, the Military Administration in Oyo State, Nigeria built up the Oyo State Road Safety Corps which made some nearby critical changes in street security and street teach in the State. That kept going till 1983, when it was disbanded by the Federal Government. With the proceeded with hazardous pattern of street car crashes in Nigeria at that point, which set it as a standout amongst the most street auto collision (RTA) inclined nations around the world (second to Ethiopia), the Nigerian Government saw the need to build up the present Federal Road Safety Corps in 1988 to address the massacre on the parkways. (R. Tamassia, 2001) 

The disagreeable pattern in the country's street movement framework which brought about upsurge in street car crashes influenced the Federal Government to start a scan for a sound and viable reaction to the test. In February 1988, the Federal Government set up the Federal Road Safety Commission through Decree No .45 of the 1988 as altered by Decree 35 of 1992 alluded to in the statue books as the FRSC Act top 141 laws of the Federation of Nigeria (LFN). Gone by the National Assembly as Federal Road Safety Commission (foundation) Act 200. 

Around the globe street movement wounds are a noteworthy general wellbeing challenges that requires purposeful endeavors for compelling and managed counteractive action. An expected 1.2 million individuals are slaughtered in street crashes each year and numerous as 50 million dinner wounds. The world wellbeing association trust that these figures could increment by more them half finished the following 20 year unless there is a solid responsibility regarding street security and mishap aversion, particularly in Nigeria, most grown-up will know about somebody who has been slaughtered or harmed in a street car crashes. It is dead truth that a considerable lot of these mischances and their outcomes will have been maintained a strategic distance from. 

Thusly the mechanized movement offense documentation framework will keep records of all activity offenses conferred by street clients and furthermore keep up the databases of the commission (FRSC). Government Road Safety Commission Nigeria (2008). 


Since the historical backdrop of the Federal Road Safety Commission, the body has experienced a few issues that happen in exercises like legitimate staff data documentation, arrangement of movement offense documentation, exertion in reporting these street offenses and the guilty parties, and a large group of other related issues. All these can be effortlessly settled and hurried by the acquaintance of an electronic framework with handle every one of these exercises without the misuse of valuable time. The execution of a modernized activity offense documentation framework benefit in other to conquering the deficiencies that the commission has encountered without computerization of its procedures which is a basic segment of its data innovation technique. By giving the commission an automated documentation framework, we will have the capacity to use the different decent varieties that digitalization can give. 


This investigation is intended to enable Federal Read Safety To commission to archive all Road Traffic Offenses caused by the street clients. 

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This examination additionally tries to give a top to bottom looking in the least demanding and best path for the development and advancement of the Federal Road Safety Commission of Nigerian so as to control and render its exercises to the Nigerian and different nations. 


The destinations of the investigation are as per the following: 

1. To give better administrations to people in general and clients making the parkway 

ok for drivers and other street clients. 

2. To keep records that are finished, incorporated and up and coming, likewise prescribing works and gadgets intended to wipe out or limit mishaps on the expressways and exhorting the Federal and State Government including the Federal Capital Territory Administration and significant legislative organizations on the territories where such works and gadgets are required. 

3. To deliver a framework where data and yield report will be created or made accessible substantially quicker, more precisely and more definite to the commission and people in general by teaching driver and individuals from the general population on the significance of train on the expressway. 

4. Maintaining the legitimacy time frame for drivers' licenses which should be three years subject to recharging at the termination of the legitimacy time frame and also planning, enlisting and creating vehicle plate number. 

5. Conducting inquires about and furthermore the institutionalization of expressway activity codes. 

With the development in data innovation, the examination offers various esteems to the Federal Road Safety Commission and any association that arrangements with offense documentation information/data. Immense records kept through the manual technique in workplaces will never again be there again in light of the fact that data will be put away on the PC with the assistance of the Computerized Traffic Offense System. It will keep a thorough record of activity offense archived. 

The present arrangement of activity offense framework which is manual framework known as (notice of offense sheet), the announcement of the issues which are specified beneath: 

TIME:- Going by the present arrangement of task, time is devoured in the manual nhandling of activity includes in Road Traffic Documentation. 

COST:- This is the best issue of the Federal Road Safety Commission. The commission closures to lose a ton of cash running the organization physically. 

Archive INTEGRITY: This is seen in the challenge of the security, in the challenge of the wellbeing, in legitimacy of the records in the report documents utilized as a part of the report age. In term of wellbeing, the local of the framework makes it helpless against left, fire or coincidental decimation. This makes the framework in protected as the time expected to supplant lost information or documents is hugely extensive. 


This examination is strived at finishing how powerful the computerization of Nigerian Road security commission will enhance the task of the commission. 

Notwithstanding, the examination venture is constrained to movement offense documentation area. 


The exploration of this work is constrained to the Road Safety Commission in Osun State. Numerous impediments experienced, were gathering data for the advancement of this venture work to this degree. It was not a simple one, such huge numbers of limitation were experienced amid the gathering of information. Some data's expected to work with was not gathered as a result of the unwillingness of the organization to uncover such data. 


1. To accumulate information, related literary works were evaluated and contextual analysis was utilized for the information gathering. 

2. The information accumulated will be examined by the utilization of stream diagram. 

3. Programming will be created utilizing PHP, MYSQL as the Programming dialect. 
Data: This is the gathering of information into a significant frame. 
Information: This is a fore sprinter of data. It is a natural truth. 
DATABASE: Is a gathering of data that is identified with a specific subject or reason. 
Web: Is a gathering of PC organizes that work to regular guidelines and empower the PC and the program they raced to impart specifically. 
Programming: This is a legitimately composed program that equipment uses to play out its task. 
Street USER: Person or Persons making use or applying out and about. 
FRSC: Federal Road Safety Commission is body in charge of the control of Road clients in a nation (Nigeria). 
COMPUTERIZATION: Refers to the use of PC in performing activities or man's concern like on mechanical an including. 
Framework: Is the gathering of equipment, programming, information data methods and individuals. 
Activity: Vehicles proceeding onward an open interstate or noticeable all around or adrift. 
DIGITALIZATION: This is a procedure of remedying data from physically to advanced or a robotized arrange in this organization data is sorted out into discrete unit additionally know as bits of information. 
Data TECHNOLOGY (IT): Is the utilization of PCs and media communications gear to store, recover, transmit and control information.

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