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          My profound gratitude goes to the ancient of days, the ultimate God who has made it possible for me to complete this segment of my course of study successfully. I also thanks to God for His protection, guidance, provision and mercy throughout my period in this institution of learning. In assertive language I express my gratitude to my project supervisor Mr. Alabi Williams for his ingenuity advises and contributions, I say thanks you Sir.
          My profound gratitude also goes to my loving and wonderful parents Mr. and Mrs. Akomolafe for their spiritual, moral and financial supportat all times may you live long to eat the fruit of your labour in sound health (Amen).
          Also, my gratitude goes to all my lecturers in the department who have contributed immensely to my academic pursuit such as Mr. Olowu G., Mr. Jimoh T., Mr. Olatunji, Mr. Adedokun, Mr. AdeowuA.W. , Mr  Egbetola, Dr. Kehinde Awoyele, Mrs. Akinwande E. A., Mr. Dauda God bless you all.
          Also my unconditional gratitude goes to my sibling brothers such as Prophet Christopher, Mr. Daniel Akomolafe, Mr. Segun Akomolafe, Mr. Kehinde cSheyi, Mr. Oni Damilola I say thanks you all.
Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria has remained one of the greatest impediment to development over the years, thus it has become a major problem facing Nigeria as the gaint of Africa in the recent time as the group have perpetrated several attacks, suicide bombings that have wasted many lives of innocent citizens of this country and also caused the destruction of both private and public properties that worth billions of naira. All these effects of Boko Haram activities have remained a major crime against the state through its threats to national security and socio-economic activities.
The study therefore examine of the concept of Boko Haram and the nature, its historical overview in Nigeria. The research work also outlines the causes and effects of Boko Haram Insurgency on National Development and likewise the efforts of Nigerian Government over the years in tackling the menace of Boko Haram Insurgence in Nigeria. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive analysis such as Average Weighted Responses (AWR) and statistical Computation with 100 questionnaires distributed among the sampled population. This method was adopted purposely on the basis of need and ease of contact. The study concluded that Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria has really affected both Nigeria’s National Development and her democratic Institutions and there is need for collective effort and strong Leadership to reduce the menace to the bearest minimum.


Title Page                                                             i
Certification                                                                   ii
Dedication                                                            iii
Acknowledgement                                                iv-v
Abstract                                                                         vi
Table of Contents                                                 vii-viii
1.0            Introduction                                               
1.1            Background to the Study                           
1.2            Statement of the Problem                          
1.3            Purpose of the Study                       
1.4            Research Questions                         
1.5            Research Hypothesis    
1.6            Significance of the Study
1.7            Scope of the Study                                    
1.8             Definition of Terms                                
2.0       Review of Literature                                   
2.1       The Concept of Boko Haram                                             
2.2       An Overview of Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria
2.3       The Concept of Insurgency
2.4       The Concept of National Development
2.5       The Causes of Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria
2.6       Incidence of Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria
2.7       The Effects of Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria’s National Development
2.8       How has the Nigeria state responded to Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria.
3.0       Research Methodology                              
3.1       Research Design                                                      
3.2       Population Sampling                                              
3.3       Research Instruments                                             
3.4       Administration of Questions/ Research Procedure Methodology
3.5       Methods of Data Analysis             
4.0       Data Analysis and Interpretation of Results                               
4.1       Data Analysis          
4.2       Discussion of Finding
5.1       Summary                                                                              
5.2       Conclusion                                                               
5.3       Recommendation                                                    
1.0                                   INTRODUCTION
       Since the go back of democracy in 1999, the safety scenario in nigeria has been quite dispensing, and in the beyond sixteen years matters had been running on a each day basis of course like any other human society, conventional crimes have constantly been a part of the experience. Currently, the most extreme security threats in nigeria are the ones in the category of separatist time table, in particular the violent extension of boko haram.

          Nigeria as a kingdom –kingdom has remained below numerous inner socio-financial and safety  threats, in circulate wellknown stage, the chance has social-economic, political and environmental dimensions each of those dimensions has greatly affected the nations stab to the ethnic militancy’s ethno-non secular conflicts, poverty terrorism, monetary sabotage and environmental degradation (ilufoye 2009) boko haram insurgence has end up a prime problem dealing with nigeria because the giant of africa within the recent time. Those companies have perpetuated several assaults, suicide bombings which have wasted many lives of harmless citizens and have also prompted the destruction of both non-public and public residences really worth billions of naira.

          These kinds of consequences of boko haram sports has remained a major crime against the country through its threats to national safety and socio-economic activities. E book haram insurgency has destabilized socio-monetary activities, elevated crime and destructed each lifestyles and assets of nigerian residents. This can be attested to through the mass motion of humans living within the northern a part of the usa maximum particularly maiduguri that is the capital of borno kingdom. The state of affairs has made it impossible for the residents of nigeria to hold on their valid business.

          It is also scaring foreign buyers in another country. The gravity of the crisis has made such a lot of governments to vow by no means to permit nigeria students from their kingdom to move the northern part of nigeria for something.

Ebook haram sports has additionally effected the posting of students of southern and eastern extraction on country wide youth carrier corps (nysc) to the north to the quantity that parents are strongly resisting the posting in their youngsters as corps individuals to the northern element maximum especially the northern extraction.

          E book haram insurgency itself is a fatal blow to the noble goal of the scheme as a unifying approach the cohesion of nigerians is significantly threatened by boko haram fundamentalist and consequently taken into consideration to be a first-rate potential terrorist threat affecting nigeria, mostly on the a part of socio-economic sports and the national development of the us of a.
          Moreso, this terrorist insurgency has added about low life expectancy most of the northerners and other ethnic dwelling in the northern areas, this may be seen via the discount within the first-class of goods and offerings, and inflation i.E. The persistent rise within the costs of products and services. Over time, the country has seen its wealth withered away with little to show inside the residing situations of the average man or women due to various killings, abductions, assaults and the destruction of lives and properties.
With boko haram insurgency becoming a extensive spread trouble within the united states of america the effectiveness of governance and life of national development is doubtful. It has additionally remained a chronic issue in the political sphere that pervades the nigerian u . S . A .. And the damages it has achieved to the polity are astronomical.

Consequently, protection problems regarding boko haram insurgency keeps re-taking place in every formal and casual dialogue of our daily activities within the society. It has also preserve happening as a burning issue at each countrywide and international conferences as a result of its socio-financial implications just as it has affected nigeria’s countrywide improvement in diverse approaches. E book haram insurgency has also scared foreign buyers faraway from investing in the economy of nigeria. In fact the extent of this violent attack via the terrorist group has tarnished the photograph of the u . S . A . In the global over. Therefore, boko haram difficulty keeps re-happening in every academic and non-academic discussion inside the body polity of the country.
1.2    declaration of the hassle
          after years of ethnic unrest, violence, assaults abductions within the usa, destruction of lives and residences and displacement of families and so forth. Nigeria authorities still does no longer have powerful approach for dismantling the boko haram terrorist organization. The fervour to embark in this have a look at is born out of the depth to unveil boko haram its socio-economic system implication on nigeria’s countrywide development.
1.Three    motive of the take a look at
          the board objective of the take a look at is to have a look at the activities of the boko haram terrorist organization and its socio-monetary implications on nigeria’s countrywide improvement. Also specifically, the have a look at will take a look at a few incidences of boko haram insurgencies and their mode of operation.
1.4    research query
I. What are the essential reasons of boko haram insurgency in nigeria?
Ii. What are the impact of boko haram insurgency on nigeria’s national improvement?
Iii. Are there way out of the issue of boko haram in nigeria?
Iv. Has boko haram insurgency absolutely affected socio-financial improvement in nigeria’s?
1.Five    research hypothesis
          the following studies speculation will be examined within the have a look at.
Ho1: there's no significance courting among boko haram insurgency and awful management in nigeria.
Ho2: there may be no full-size relationship among boko haram insurgency and countrywide development.
Ho3: there is no significant relationship between accurate governance and boko haram insurgency.
Ho4: there is no tremendous dating between boko haram insurgence and poverty in nigeria.
Ho5: there may be no sizeable dating among army professionalism containing the sports of boko haram insurgence in nigeria.
1.6    importance of the study
The last relevance of this take a look at is that it will no longer handiest fill the nexus gap in the current body of expertise, but it additionally has a tendency to foster a deep seated and an inmost expertise of boko haram insurgence and democratic governance in nigeria. This take a look at also has a tendency to be very applicable in knowledge the socio-economic implications of boko haram insurgence of nigeria’s countrywide development and the way the risk of boko haram may be reduced in the body polity of the u . S ..
          The research work also has a tendency to be very beneficial in the issue of complementing the existing literature of students in the subject of training. Also, the studies work have a tendency to fosters a deep-seated expertise on the need for peace and political balance to each industries and foreign traders for the essence of country wide development in nigeria.
          Further to this, this have a look at objectives to show the need for tranquity and unification a number of the diverse ethnics within the united states despite the reality that nigeria is a multi-lingual, pluralistic and non secular federal nation with view to shinning ethnic tribalism nepotism and religious intolerance. 
1.7    scope of the take a look at
          the scope of the take a look at shall cowl the most important states experiencing the threat of boko haram insurgence in the northern place of nigeria and this consists of the north jap states of borno, yobe and adamawa. The have a look at covers the political administration of nigeria of the affected vicinity among 2010-2014.
   1.8    definition of phrases
          the following principles are to be explained as contained in this look at.
I.                   Boko haram: that is a group primarily based in the north jap nigeria who consider within the ideology (western schooling is forbidden).
Ii.                 Insurgency: that is a rebellion towards a constituted authority.
Iii.              Security: that is the country of being loose from a threat or hazard.
Iv.              Improvement: this is the manner wherein a person or some thing grows or changes and turn out to be extra advanced.
V.                 Country wide development: this is the capability of a country to enhance the lives of its residents.
Measures of development may be substances, together with growth inside the gross home product (gdp), or social, including literacy charges and availability of fitness care.
Vi.              Terrorism: that is using violence and intimidation inside the pursuit of political targets.
Vii.            Brotherly love: that is the act of cohering or uniting or an act of farming a united whole.
Viii.         Governance: it's far the manner of governing a state or a rustic.


NOTE: Project code: educationinfo010



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