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This study was carried out to find out the factors affecting the choice chemistry as a science subject at certificate level by students of Ilesa West Local Government Area of Osun State. Three null hypotheses guided the study. The descriptive survey design.  The population of the study was senior secondary school (SSII and SSIII) students. Five secondary schools were selected using simple random techniques. The sample size was 150. 30students from each of the selected secondary schools. Self contructed questionnaire was used for data collection. Descriptive statistics of frequency count and percentages as well as while inferential statistics of chi-square was used for the study. The findings indicated that well equipped laboratory facilities, utilization of relevant teaching aids, review of the syllabus, and proper interest of the students were significant factors affecting the choice of the students. Based on the findings, the following the following recommendations were made:
1) Provision of chemistry laboratory which is well planned, made conclusive for effective demonstration and research. The laboratory should be well equipped and government should give more grants to the schools to buy necessary materials because chemistry should be learnt by observation and experimentation
2) teaching aids like charts, cardboards, papers, bulletins, and pictures, visual, and audio visual materials which will make learning more interesting and meaningful should be made available.
3) The chemistry syllabus for the schools be review and developed by Nigerians who are well experienced or experts in science curriculum development.
4) The proper interest of students should considered and reinforcement of teacher to make teacher teach effectively.

1.1          Background of study
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The world is quick advancing a result of new innovation. All through history the advancement of new innovation has been completely fundamental for both human survival and advance. One of the primary apparatuses with which people adjust to changing conditions is the disclosure and usage of new innovations. Since innovation is the essential vehicle through which mankind advances, it could serve to decrease a significant part of the issues confronting people, for example, world yearning, destitution, absence of access to instruction and different issues (Merzyn, 2011 ). 

Science is extremely significance since it is a noteworthy wellspring of abilities and states of mind required for the improvement of science and innovation (Abel, 2012). While the quantity of those going to secondary school has expanded significantly, the rate enlisted in science course keeps on dropping (Yusuf and Adigun 2010). At upper auxiliary level a dominant part of understudies drop science and material science from their calendars and just few pick a propel level course (Baument 2012). Aside from intrigue, marks, accomplishment level and financial status and guardians' instructive level can be distinguished as components of impact (Walanjohi 2011). Likewise understudies sex and ethic foundation are associated with science enrolment design (Lyons, 2010). Additionally thinks about have attempted to approach the issue by examining understudies' state of mind (Nelson 2014). They demonstrated that science and material science lessons at school are relatively disagreeable and disdained by a dominant part of understudies. At the point when understudies are gotten some information about their states of mind towards science they generally grumble of the subject being excessively troublesome, exhausting or excessively conceptual and insignificant for their lives (Ravkin et 2009). Additionally examines by Levins (2009) demonstrated that companion's elevations toward science influence its decision. 

To increase point of view into how much science has added to our live hood, Parvica(2013). Considered the accompanying supernatural occurrences from researcher rotating ebb and flow hydroelectric power, electric engines, drugs, radio, microwaves, broilers, satellites, radar, present day rockery, atomic attractive reverberation, attractive reverberation imaging X-beams lasers transistors light emanating diodes oscilloscopes, TV, holography and the wellbeing among numerous others. In this manner, numerous researchers require conceptualizing understudies' interests and choices settling on forms for course-level decision with the respect to distinguish development (Archer et al 2010, Boe et every one of the (2011), Eccles (2009) and Holmegard (2010). Numerous understudies think that its hard to envision themselves as researchers bringing about their perspectives of science neglecting to draw in the consideration a more extensive scope of understudies (Lyons and Quiun, 2010). 

The issues confronting senior s solid feeling of auxiliary understudies in choosing their future vocations and goals are impacted by different factors, for example, understudies interests, intentions and instructive results or post optional school goal (Rophohl, 2010). Eccles (2009) cited that the strategy for educating received by the instructor makes the educating of the subject frightening and in this manner troublesome for understudies. For example, acids bases and salts as a theme in science should be completed in the research facility for simple maintenance however in many schools, this point is dealt with in theoretical and the understudies tend not to comprehend the subject without bounds. The strategy for instructing to be utilized is the exchange technique, along these lines the utilization of right strategy for educating will achieve compelling showing which will urge understudies to settle on right decision of subject at authentication level. 

Significant discoveries from understudies likewise mirrored that absence of self-rule or opportunity of decision for subjects at the senior optional school reviews additionally influences their execution. There had all the earmarks of being a solid feeling of sympathy between understudies who were constrained into subjects that they don't pick or saw to be irrelevant to their advantage and post optional school movement and the individuals who saw the spilling procedure to be to support them, contemplating subjects of their decision. Understudies realize that they need to do later on and they can endeavor to accomplish it yet in the event that they are constrained into subjects that are not inspired by them, will lose expectation and inspiration to make a decent attempt and accomplish. (Universal Education Research Conference 2009). 

In any case, proper examinations are deficient with regards to up until this point. As understudies show absence of substance learning even at the quick auxiliary level (Ropohl, 2010), it might be accepted this adds to demoralizing their science decision. 

Uche (2013) expressed that the strategy for instructing embraced by the showing influences the educating of the subject to realize successful showing which will urge understudies to settle on right decision of subject at endorsement level. 
1.2 Statement of the issue 
Science isn't just critical to the nation's financial advance yet additionally to individual to have the capacity to adapt to the quickly changing society because of advances in innovation. Salleh (2912) expressed that through research exercises in science, our insight and comprehension of issue keeps on growing the cycle of learning, understanding and testing the universe of issue proceed interminably. Omosewo (2010) included that the rate of improvement of any country is definite by the rate of innovation progression of the country concerned. Stocking (2012) expressed that information of science and related sciences are in regarded in numerous callings and for monetary advancement, insights demonstrate that couple of understudies are picking science in their authentication level this is impacted by different factor, for example, absence of self-rule or flexibility of decision, sexual orientation contrast, understudies intrigue and instructive results or post auxiliary school goals. Accordingly, the motivation behind this investigation is to discover those elements influencing the decision of science as a science subject at school testament level by optional school understudies of Ilesa West Local Government of Osun State. 
1.3 Objective of the examination 
1) To decide the understudy factors that impact their enrolment in science at school testament level. 
2) To set up the impact of the science educators in the understudies decision of science instructors in the understudies decision of science at school endorsement level. 
3) To examine the impacts of the school condition on understudy's decision of science at school authentication level. 
4) To set up the impacts of showing helps and commonsense work on the decision of science at school declaration level. 
1.4 Research Questions 

I. What understudy's components impact enrolment in science at school endorsement level? 

II. What are the impacts of the science educators on the understudy's decision of science as a science subject? 

III. What school condition related elements impact the understudy's decision of science at school authentication level? 

IV. What are the impacts of showing helps and down to earth chip away at the decision of science as a science subject at school testament level? 
1.5 Research Hypotheses. 
The accompanying theories were detailed. 
HO1. Understudy elements won't impact enrolment in science at school endorsement level. 
HO2. Science instructors won't altogether effect on the understudies decision of science as a science subject. 
HO3. Showing helps and handy work won't have huge impact on the decision of science as a science subject at school declaration level. 
1.6 Delimitation of the examination 
I. This investigation is limited to optional schools in Ilesa West Local Government Area of Osun State. 
ii. The factors of the investigation incorporate understudy's components, impact of the science instructors, school condition and the impacts of showing helps and reasonable work on the decision of science at school endorsement level. 
iii. Portray review inquire about outline 
iv. Poll as instrument for gathering information. 
v. It includes the utilization of clear measurements of recurrence and rates for information examination. 
1.7 Limitation of the examination 
The fundamental confinements to this examination are that a portion of the respondents may not give legitimate reactions to the survey things.


NOTE: Project code: educationinfo003

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