9 June 2017

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How to make money with propellerads: placing ads on your blog/site

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In this post you we learn how to start making money from propeller ads if your not accepted with google ad sense, you can also used propeller ads with google adsense on your website, this post revile A-Z  guild for you to start making money from your newbie's blog or viral website.

The features of propellerads is that No minimum traffic required  and also your are going to start making money  with your website immediately alfter you sign up as publisher. The highest paying CPM network in the world but base on Geo location and also there are some features that take places  before revenuel can be determine, in proppeler ads, there is real time statistics you can view your click in real time and also you can know where your traffic is coming from at the same time. Propeller-ads as best alternative to google adsense network.

What is propellerads: is an ads network that offer advertising to million of advertiser and send to publisher website for more exposure from the audience/visitors that visit your website or blog.

Start making money frompropeller ads as a publisher:

 To start making money from  propeller ads you need to sign up as a publisher, this articles we review the basic step involve to sign up as apropeller ads publisher.


                    Log on to propeller ads

2     Signup to create your publisher account in propeller ads: is 100% simple just enter your details as follow:

Ø  Your name
Ø  Your E-mail: enter valid E-mail address because you need to verify your E-mail before your registration is complete
Ø   Messager (chose your own website Skype, ICQ) if you do not have Non just enter N/A
Ø  Website url
Ø  Message

3.       Click on Sign up Botton, and confirm your registration through your E-mail address.

        Logging to your E-mail address to confirm your registration.

5.       After confirmation from your E-mail: a message say you have complete your registration we show, know you are ready to log to your publisher account. Your password we sent to your E-mail address, after confirmation log with your E-mail address and password .

Adding and verifying your website or blog with propelerads

Before you are capable of making money with propellerads, you need to add your website url and verify your website or blog, in this bost we revile to you the simple procedure to verify your website or blog.

1.       On your left hands side at you dashboard clicks on sites
2.       Clicks on add site
3.       Type in your domain name
4.       Click on submit button
You we see code on box : Html code
5.       Copy the code and past it right before <head>, in your home page.
6.       Click verify.

How to verify your blogger or website with proppeller ads 

Adding channel

After your website is verify, what next to make money from propeller ads is to add channel to your publisher account.
1.       Select your site
2.       Choose the ads type you what to used (pop_under, direct, banner,  mobile dialog box ads or mobile interstitial) know click next.

3.       Provide name e.g one-clicks_pop 1
4.       Get the code and paste the Html code right after the <body> of your home page

How to place proppellerads code in blogger: make moneywith your blogger

For popunders Ads: code must place right after the <body> tag of your pages
Mobile Ads: code must place right after the <body> tags of your pages

Banners Ads: you need to place the code on your website pages you what to display the banner.
Your done to make money with your website with propellersads media, this is an adsense alternative for low traffic site, because No minimum traffic require to join this ads network, sign up know as publisher and start making money with your new, or old website/ blog.
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NOTE:   more traffic more money for your, that the general formula for all online business.


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