2 June 2017

Deliver me Oduduwa or i die! - Fani-kayode calls for the division of Nigeria, creation of Yoruba country


Deliver me Oduduwa or i die! - Fani-kayode calls for the division of Nigeria, creation of Yoruba country

Welcome to Tobiloba blog: Influential flesh presser and former minister of aviation,femi fani-kayode, has once more referred to as for the department of nigeria. 


Femi Fani-kayode

In a piece of writing he entitled, “give me Oduduwa or i die,” a chieftain of the competition peoples democratic party (PDP), leader femi fani kayode, referred to as for the department of Nigeria.

The previous aviation minister, has been a strong propose of the war for a nation of biafra, and has supported the leaders of different pro-Biafra organizations inside the united states of america, mentioned that he can't live in a rustic with those who, consistent with him, interact in underage marriage and kill their fellow human beings at will.

In step with daily-post, Fani kayode stated; “o Nigeria, how are the potent fallen. I cherished Nigeria but now i have stopped believing in her. She is saddled with many one-of-a-kind sub- countries that had been absolutely incompatible proper from the start.

“she is plagued and cursed with one unique sub-state whose ruling elite are risky and unyielding, whose guile and deceit is second to none, who deal with their personal people with contempt and derision, who trust that they were born to rule, who think that strength belongs to them, who suppress the religious and ethnic minorities within their ranks and who had been taught from an early age that there may be none except them.

“the ones people have killed Nigeria. They and those who have continually bowed and trembled earlier than them and who have continually allowed them to have their manner.

“our country has become a cruel shaggy dog story- she is a maliciously contrived contraption that has shattered many goals and annoyed many pursuits and aspirations. This became a country that changed into created for the gain of only some at the fee of the misery and pain of such a lot of.

“i'm able to in no way receive the concept of living in a state side by way of aspect with spiritual extremists who slit the throats of children, who habitually slaughter the innocents and who abduct and fornicate with small women. Animals don't have any area within the houses of guys.

“it's time for us to stop pretending: let the terrorists and their friends in high places ruin away and establish their own u . S . Where they can marry as many younger girls as they please and chop off as many limbs as they need.

“let them shape a state in which they can stone adulterers and flip ladies into chattels that are not even worthy of existence.

“let the ones of us from the west establish Oduduwa and let us celebrate and experience our freedom from the bondage and ineptitude of a cruel failed kingdom that has no soul and that lacks humanity and compassion.

“allow us to be liberated from the deceit that is called Nigeria: a kingdom that when turned into but this is no more. Let us be freed from Nigeria: a state where injustice, evil, persecution, insensitivity, Impugnity, terror, graft and wickedness reign ideal.

“let us be rid of Nigeria: a country wherein those of us that had the misfortune of being born at the ”incorrect” side of the local divide or who are adherents of the ”incorrect” spiritual faith are butchered for our heritage and may by no means be handled as equals. Deliver us Oduduwa or let us die.”

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