8 May 2017

The palace Ooni Of Ife’s Image Soars Ile_Ife


The palace Ooni Of Ife’s Image Soars Ile_Ife

The stool of Ooni of Ile-Ife is normally a pined for one however what can't be denied is the way that it is by and by involved by energetic Ooni Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the Ojaja II, which has made it more significant, regarded and prominent. 

These characteristics have been accomplished by the show of resourcefulness by the Ojaja. One can't yet specify that his uncommon lowliness despite his profoundly set status, obliging soul and his determined affinity for peace has charmed Oba Ogunwusi to many crosswise over board. 

Likewise, excellent undertakings that incorporate enabling the adolescents and the less lucky his need which he has executed to the reverence of everybody. 

Picture of the colorful customary ruler may have acknowledged after a current occurrence which has swung him to the man existing apart from everything else. 

In a video that became a web sensation, Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu was caught to have reprimanded Oba Adeyeye, the Ooni of Ife when he made suggestions to trade merriments with the previous. 

To the profound respect of most watchers of the video, Ooni did not make any issue out of it but rather acted maturely. 

While he has not stopped to be recognized by one and all for his develop and peace adoring air, Oba Akiolu has gone under serious assault from various quarters, denouncing and depicting his activity as despicable and humiliating of an illustrious father and gathered good example. 

While it was normal that the Ooni would take up the case, the modest and dynamic Imperial Majesty has said the occurrence is not going to give him a chance to consider less Akiolu and that he stayed focused on building solidarity among customary rulers and among Yoruba individuals and Nigeria everywhere he has left on. 

This announcement has undoubtedly earned him regard and acclaim from even the individuals who had reservations about him; even as acclamations have not stopped to pour in for him from all quarters.

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