4 May 2017

Secret And Professional Method And Tips To Set Up Any Gigs On Fiverr: Make Money On Fiverr In Nigeria


Secret And Professional Method And Tips To Set Up Any Gigs On Fiverr: Make Money On Fiverr In Nigeria


The Secret And Professional Method And Tips To Set Up Any Gigs On Fiverr: Make Money On Fiverr In Nigeria, let all make money from fiverr here in Nigeria.

First, you need to have a great service with excellent communication. Your buyer should be so amazed with what they get from your gig that they see the value in adding extras. When you deliver the extras, they should be even more amazed. This way they might come back and even spread the word about you to others.
This is secret methods and tips that fiverr guru use to create unique and eye carching gigs
On fiverr here in Nigeria.
If  you follow this awesome methods to create your fiverr gigs on fiverr here in Nigeria you continue smile to your account with just simple tips I use personaly to create professional gigs on fiverr.


(1)   Use High Quality Images on your Gigs:

The best thing you could do to help you sell your gigs to your audience is to have a high quality image. Gigs with very simple and plain images seem like the seller was too lazy to spend time creating their listing so it will look like they are going to be lazy or not take the time to complete the order to the best of their ability. If your service cannot be displayed in a simple way with a gig image, try to use imagery to describe your service. If you are going to be offering a writing service for example, take a photo of a piece of paper with some writing on the page such as "Professional writing services" or something of the sort. As long as you can catch the eye of the buyers you will be getting more traffic to your gigs.

(2)   Check your description and tags.

Tags are keywords that help searchers find your gig. Check that they are specific enough and about your service. Also make sure your description is clear and to the point. Of course you may know more or less that people will find gigs based on searches. Hence, it is very important to use the correct keywords in order to be found by buyers eager to hand over $5. You have two places where you can put keywords, in the title of your gigs and as tags to describe the gig. If you are providing testimonials, for example, you will want to have the word "testimonial" in your title such as "I will make a 30 second video testimonial about your product for $5". The keyword helps the user find your gig. The tags should be used to provide alternatives to "testimonial" so that people can find it if they use different search keywords. Possible options are "recommendation", "review" and "promotion". This way if buyers search these terms they can find your "testimonial" service.

(3)   Clear Title & Description:

You want your title and description for your gig to be as clear as possible. Do not add in filler just so that your listing looks nicer. You want your buyers to understand what they are buying from you and what their options are. If you require them to give you more information tell them in the instructions. Tell them what you can and cannot do before-hand so that they do not purchase your order if you cannot provide what they need.

(4)   State a Realistic Delivery Period:

You do not want to tell your customers that you can finish something that takes a week to complete in only one day. Even if you are offering something that takes only minutes to complete, it is important to give yourself a realistic time period to complete the order in. You never know when something could come up and cause you some delays which would result in the buyers leaving negative feedback for failure to deliver within a specified time period.

(5)   Provide Clear Instructions to Buyers:

The clearer your instructions are to your buyer, the faster they can provide any information that you need so that you can complete your order on time. Any information about the subject of an article, the size of a bracelet, a reference picture to use for a drawing, the name of the person you are singing to, etc., is important to have. All of this information is important for those gigs which require those details to get the job done. It is important for the seller to give these instructions right away to buyers as well so that the buyer is not over discussing what they want through messages with the seller.

(6)   Use the Extras!

 I see sellers that simply don’t offer them and this is a big mistake. If you aren’t sure about what service to provide as extras, start thinking about your Gigs as a “one stop shop”. There must be services that someone buying your gig will need. Add those to provide the complete package. If your initial gig already offers a full package, then maybe you are giving away too much for too little. Think of a way to break down this service into steps. Finally, always promote your extras. Let buyers know about your extras when you are chatting with them before they place the order and after they place the order. Your buyer can add Extras after the order was placed and even after it’s delivered. I know it sounds pushy, but trust me, it works ;)

(7)   Share Your Gigs!

Share your gigs on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Forum discussions, etc. You can also create a blog and direct visitors to your gigs from there. This will help you increase traffic.

(8)   Diversify your gig business.

If you only offer a handful of gigs, consider expanding on the services you're offering. Try not to put all your eggs in one basket.

(9) Get all your Gigs Featured:

A key point to becoming a Fiverr celebrity is getting your gigs featured. This requires a fair amount of work and can be accomplished by: • Being original and offering a very unique service or product. If you are one of the only people selling a product or service you will get more traffic and more sales. • Having a fast turnaround speed for your orders is an important part of getting featured. The faster you can fill orders the better your business looks and your customers will be happy. 100% positive customer feedback on your gigs is required to become featured. Even if you need to do some repair work and customer service to fix your feedback, do so to get featured? Getting more sales is really a key to getting featured as well. Take advantage of everything you can to make more sales and get the positive feedback needed to get your gig featured.

(10) Get more exposure: Make sure your gig stands out.

Videos and images are the key to grabbing attention. It has been established that one of the quickest ways to build a relationship with someone is through face to face communication. Although we have e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, texting and so forth - face to face communication still trumps them all. Think about it. How many times have you misunderstood an e-mail someone sent because you couldn't hear their tone of voice? Experts have reported that nonverbal communication makes up 50-70% of all communication. However, in our technological age, we are missing the nonverbal aspect of communication . . .
 Gestures
 Tone of voice
  Expressions
 and the list goes on.

 So, Video-fly your gig!

Introduce yourself to your potential buyers, explain your service and added value. Adding a Gig Video increases your chances of being noticed on Fiverr. That is because people just love videos!


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