17 May 2017

President Donald trump - repeal of unconstitutional legislation/executive orders imposed on the USA


President Donald trump - repeal of unconstitutional legislation/executive orders imposed on the USA

Whilst Abraham Lincoln stated in his Gettysburg address that a new delivery of freedom might happen in the american republic inside the wake of the yank civil warfare with a view to perpetuate a republican government of the humans, through the human beings, and for the human beings, he did no longer comprehend the reason of a vicious republican congress to adjust the u.S. Charter to abrogate the power of the states below the 10th amendment of the invoice of rights. And after Lincoln turned into assassinated, the federal government did exactly what Lincoln had no longer wanted them to do to be able to punish the southern states and dispose of state energy below the u.S. Charter. The motive of the 14th change was to give the federal government total energy over the states' right to modify their own human beings. Within the 10th amendment, the states and the people are appeared as the identical. Lincoln's vice-president, Andrew Johnson, hostile the 14th modification and the republican congress tried to question him for doing so. What's going to president-opt for Donald trump do, as the 45th u.S. President, to accurate what has been achieved to this republic by means of evil males and females? Examine on...

President Donald trump - repeal of unconstitutional legislation/executive orders imposed on the USA

There is no question that our new u.S. President-pick, Donald trump, realizes that there are numerous federal laws, regulations, regulatory companies, and administrations presently abounding in Washington, d.C., which are not constitutional to any degree, and that these pointless and fallacious creations of an illicitly progressive federal government should be abolished via immediately repeal of the unconstitutional congressional legislation that created them; this is, after he's inaugurated as the 45th president of the united states. Mr. Trump's constitutional commitment to the republic, as published at the net, conveys this motive.

Inside the beginning of the american republic, in 1789, there were however four presidential cupboard-degree positions beneath president George Washington, which had been regarded as necessary and proper per article 1, phase 8, clause 18. Those have been secretary of kingdom, secretary of struggle, secretary of the treasury, and attorney popular. Inside the yr 2016, the presidential cupboard-stage positions numbered fifteen, and eleven of these have been, and nonetheless are, pointless and mistaken. Why is that this so? The powers of the federal authorities are particularly enumerated within the textual content of the u.S. Charter; in article 1, segment eight, for the legislative department, in article 2, for the executive department, and in article 3, for the judicial department. The 10th amendment of the invoice of rights states unequivocally that, "the powers no longer delegated to the united states by means of the charter, nor prohibited via it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people." this can be certainly restated as "the federal government's electricity is specifically confined while the energy of the states is unlimited except for the prohibitions stated within the charter."

     For this reason, the aim of the venerated framers, in setting up the constitutional caveat in article 1, section 8, clause 18 concerning the powers of the legislative department, congress, changed into to particularly "limit" the scale of the federal government; not to have an open-ended opportunity to extend it. Clause 18 states, "to make all legal guidelines which will be "important and proper" for sporting into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by means of this constitution inside the authorities of america, or in any branch or officer thereof." James Madison succinctly wrote in "federalist forty four" that "that which is not in the end necessary for the functioning and operation of the federal authorities need to now not be legislated as law." the obvious first usurpation of this federal legislative caveat, of best important federal law, was the first bank of the us, which become the creature of the first secretary of the treasury, monarchist Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton created the proposed rules in the likeness of the bank of England, and became exceeded narrowly by using the first u.S. Congress in February 1791. This primary financial institution was the illicit forerunner of the federal reserve. The first bank of the USA become now not, in any way, vital for the proper functioning of the budget of the brand new american republic and become for the only benefit of the very wealthy bankers as a method of depriving suffering farmers of OK monetary possibility in a acquisition of federal debt. Alexander Hamilton cleverly and sophistic-ally persuaded a really nave president George Washington that it turned into essential and to signal the legislated bill into regulation towards the ardent opposition of a far more financially sagacious Thomas Jefferson, the primary secretary of kingdom. This gross historic precedent can be argued with the aid of sure participants of the trump transition crew, and supplied to president-elect trump, as a correct act of the first u.S. Congress, but it wasn't accurate due to the fact, certainly, the law promoted debt, now not fiscal solvency, and was not essential for the efficient economic operation of the federal government. It was the forerunner of the conspiratorial 1913 federal reserve act. President Andrew Jackson ran his triumphing presidential marketing campaign, in 1828, on his promise to abolish the bank of the USA, and he fulfilled his promise by using de-chartering the bank in 1829. And that i foresee president Donald trump looking for the repeal of the federal reserve act and the unconstitutional non-public banking cartel referred to as the fed.

As a further instance of the twisted and mutated unconstitutional technique of unlawful federal regulation in the twentieth century, the 1964 civil rights act, which changed into proposed and passed with out the legislative branch, congress, having any textual legislative branch electricity to accomplish that. The civil rights act of 1964 become pragmatically handed using the energy of congress under the interstate commerce clause, which changed into completely incorrect and unlawful. But, the u.S. Perfect courtroom flagrantly upheld the civil rights act(s) as constitutional, within the identical fundamental way the high German Nazi court upheld the anti-Jewish eugenics laws of 1936 as legal and binding, once they turned into in direct warfare with the libertarian constitution of the Wiemar German republic. The use of the trade clause of article 1, phase 8 to justify the passage of the civil rights act turned into like using the power of congress beneath clause 7, "to establish submit-workplaces and publish-roads," to justify the passage of regulation to require the Yankee human beings in every kingdom to hold a federal i.D to expose while leaving one kingdom and getting into any other; or, as any other instance, the use of clause 9, "to constitute tribunals inferior to the ideal court docket," to justify legislating a regulation setting up a federal birthright commission to determine the fitness of married couples, in all states, to have children. Does this sound absolutely tyrannical? Properly it's miles, and if congress can presume the electricity to bypass a regulation telling a shop-proprietor in Tennessee, or youngsters going for walks a community lemonade stand in Minnesota, that they have a federal duty to serve every customer that wishes to shop for something from them, they can presume to have the power to pass a law requiring raid chips to be planted inside the our bodies of all new child infants in all states to adjust kidnapping, or for gay transgender guys to have the right in all states to apply woman restrooms. Perhaps the rid chips have not been, yet, mandated, but Obama has tried to mandate the latter.

Permit's talk for a moment approximately socialism and the fascist use of u.S. Profits tax cash to propagate unconstitutional regulation, and the use illicit use of that appropriated tax cash outside of the USA to steer the operations of different international locations to decorate unconstitutional u.S. Federal coverage. As is the case in regard to loads of federal regulatory corporations, administrations, and commissions, the u.S. Employer for international development makes use of nearly 1,000,000,000 bucks of appropriated tax cash each federal fiscal year to spend within the alleged development of overseas international locations, some of which do now not aid, and actually denigrate, the hobbies of the usa. Rather than using those many loads of hundreds of thousands of tax bucks for the advantage of the Yankee taxpayer, the federal government spends it, supposedly, to improve overseas faculty structures, to build roads in overseas international locations, and to prop-up foreign governments. Inside the unsaid are covert CIA operatives who pose as USA employees, as maximum u.S. Embassies are packed with CIA operatives posing as everyday state department personnel. That is some thing that president-choose Donald trump has found out is an incredibly risky aspect of a rogue and uncontrolled and politicized intelligence community. Similarly to its bloated worker rosters, the CIA/NSA/dia/DHS complicated has over 50,000 foreign assets (un-reputable personnel) on their payroll, receiving federal tax bucks, at the same time as doing the bidding of the CIA/NSA/DIA/DHS complex out of doors of the usa, of which the senate and house oversight committees have no expertise. This provides this DE factor autonomous intelligence complex the open-ended possibility to behavior many evil operations unsanctioned via, and unknown to, congress. I've for my part dealt with the twentieth century CIA/NSA and realize that the men and woman coping with those two independent federal businesses aren't to be trusted. For propaganda purposes, they're classified as truthful by means of the mainstream media that allows you to misinform the yank electorate. The 2016 presidential campaign and election proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that fake information is often disseminated by the wealthy components of the mainstream media, the newspapers, the printed tv information networks, cable-television news networks, and the net.

I firmly consider that the trump administration will offer a actual rebirth of constitutional freedom and liberty that wasn't truly experienced after the demise of Abraham Lincoln, the person who simply coined that expression. Lincoln lamentably did not stay to oppose the treacherous 14th modification, which changed into exceeded by using a vindictive republican congress in 1865 and forced corrosively on the southern states to negate the constitutional power of the states underneath the 10th modification of invoice of rights. Lincoln could have certainly disdained with ardor the 14th modification, simply as his vice-president, Andrew Johnson, disdained it. President trump will not be certain through the maleficent unconstitutional reputation  of a republican established order that has endorsed evil socialist/Marxist economics, a devalued politically inflated american dollar, and tyrannical legislation and government orders on the Yankee humans. Innovative democrat celebration socialist/Marxist fascism, and republican establishment toleration of that fascism has made 21st century situations inside the american republic greater austere than the tyranny imposed via the tyrant king George iii in 1774. God-pace to president-select Donald trump as the forty fifth president of the us, as he endeavors to empty the district of Columbia, which changed into once a swamp, of the political and financial evil that presently inhabits it.

Given that maximum of the legally qualified citizens of the yank republic voted for president-select Donald trump, during the heartland of the state, those women and men need to keep to assist president Donald trump as the forty fifth u.S. President. How should they try this? First and principal, these people ought to constantly be knowledgeable of what's truly happening and of the propaganda that is being funded inside the digital media by progressive socialist/Marxists such as billionaire George Oros and the numerous millionaire celebrities who've been ludicrously accelerated from the popularity of court jesters to that of kings actually due to their money and public popularity. Those ignorant puppets of the liberal revolutionary movement are in search of Mr. Trump's constitutional time table. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, net news groups along with yahoo, and the numerous newspapers including the Washington post, l.A. Instances, and Seattle instances are liable for feeding an electorate, hungry for the fact, fax information and propaganda so skewed that most of the voters had been duped to trust that scientifically not possible activities have definitely passed off at some point of the beyond 30 years! The old expression that "politics is the perception of the citizens of what the media have made them accept as true with is actual. This is why the 1st modification's assure to freedom of the clicking have to now not be a license to lie to the public in Orwellian new speak. There must be a caveat constitutionally delivered to that modification that the press is loose to publish best the fact, and not anything else.

I inspire the Yankee public, who elected Donald trump, to continue its vocal and written help for the new president in cellphone calls, letters, and faxes to congress in order to show that aid. God keep, and preserve, our new president Donald trump!

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