3 May 2017

How to create FORUM: Message Boards: Basic step that involved in creating forum


How to create FORUM: Message Boards: Basic step that involved in creating forum

To Create forum you need a basic knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuary that we also help to make your forum must look unique and dynamics, without having any kniowlege in webdesign and development you can still own forum, what you all need is how to upload file to the internet: all idea you need is how to browse the internet, there are are ready made script/theme/template that are design only for forum like site vBulletin is the best place to find unique template for your forum after purchacing the scrip/template what remain is domain name buy domain name and quality webhosting like Bluehost.

Know you are good to Go to create your forum

A forum is a site that allows people to have threaded conversations.  Forums are usually divided up into smaller sub categories based on topic.  You can see example of forum by going to Nairaland.com
Most forums make money with advertising.  Forum owners display Google (AdSense ads), allow paid advertising,
sponsors, etc. Just like everything else, there are multiple ways to build a forum.  It depends on how much
work you want to do and how much control you want to have.  I highly recommend self- hosting your own forum like Nairaland.com That means the forum is hosted on is own domain name and the owner have full control over everything from the address of the forum to hosting ads, etc.  If you want to go this route, you need a domain name and regular web host.  You can use web hosting like Website Palace, and the forum script/software that I’m using is vBulletin. So to create my forum, I had to buy the vBulletin script and then install it on my hosting account at Website Palace.  Yes, this will require you to learn a bit about uploading files to your web hosting account.

If you Don’t Want to Buy a Script?

In my opinion, vBulletin is the best forum script out there.  The customization options are great and you get customer support.  However, if you do not want to pay for your forum there is another option. If you choose the regular hosting option with Website Palace , there are some free forum scripts that come with your plan. You can install the forum in just a few clicks without having to manually upload files, edit the scripts, etc. The forum scripts are not as powerful as vBulletin, but they may suit your needs. You can always upgrade to a paid script at a later time.

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