4 May 2017




Startting Seling On Fiverr: Create Your First Gigs On Fiverr and basic idea you must have before creating your fisrt gig on fiverr.

 Getting Started as a New Seller

On Fiverr, ratings and feedbacks are all that matters.
As a new seller on fiverr you need good rating and feedbacks this are the most key for you to get another order, make sure you satisfied your costumer on first and any order you get on firver, Many folks on Fiverr actually purchase from someone who has a 100% positive rating and a lot of 100% positive feedbacks. So, as a new seller on Fiverr with low popularity rating, it is very important for you to get 100% positive rating and 100% positive feedbacks on all your gigs.
Do your  best on any order you get on fiverr, make sure you try as much as possible to sartiffied your costumer to get 100% rating and positive rating , that we make you to get more orders from your present and new buyers in future.

 So, the earlier you start getting positive ratings and healthy feedbacks, the sooner you will experience a remarkable change in your sales and levels on Fiverr. This should not be a problem though if you are offering very hot-in-demand services that are in popular demand on Fiverr. On the other hand, you may decide to speed things up by getting a friend or close acquaintance of yours to help you get that initial crucial positive rating and feedback. So, what you do is tell your friend to order your gig and you deliver to him or her. Thereafter, he or she simply comes to the order page and leave you a positive feedback. You can even return the friend’s money once the deal is concluded.

 This may not be proper and legit by the book, but I do not think that it breaches any terms of service of Fiverr. And that is what is most important. Similarly, to also speed things up, you can offer your first-time buyers bonus gig in exchange for their positive feedbacks and ratings. Once you do that consecutively, you will surely witness a substantial rise in your orders and you will definitely be able to close up more sales.

Strategies Matter on Fiverr!

The right strategies matter a lot on Fiverr in order to be a hugely successful seller. Thus, you need to include some very HOT strategies unknown to most people. A whole lot of people find it difficult to make money on this site because they do not understand the basic strategies of making money from it.

 Honestly, these HOT STRATEGIES make all the difference between the fiverr big boys and the other time wasters.

 Spot some highly demanded services and put up gigs on them.
  Offer bonus gig to your buyers in exchange for their positive feedback.
 always deliver your gigs on time
 Communicate quickly and politely
 Outsource the services to other people for peanuts.
 Deliver the gigs promptly and watch the money roll in endlessly. Another important strategy you can use on Fiverr is to break down the services you offer into different segments.

For instance, if you offer to create a mobile app for buyers, you can break it down into mobile programming services. Thereafter, when you become a level 1 seller, you can increase the amount you charge for certain components of your gig. You will need to complete at least 10 gigs before you are allowed to bump up your pricing, but you can make $25 USD per hour EASILY by offering high in demand services for people once you become level 1 seller. You can also continuously experiment with your gigs and evaluate them constantly to see how they perform. 

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