2 May 2017

How to Set Up a Unique and professional Website: basic step involved


How to Set Up a Unique and professional  Website: basic step involved

To set up a unique and professional website there are step you must take, before your website can be stand out unique without competitor, the first is to have your own domain name and webhosting don’t used third party domain or hosting.

Unique website make more value to other like facebook know because of the uniqueness make it more value in the world of internet, if what set up any website I will advance you that you should try as much as possible to let you website be unique In all aspert.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with creating their websites is that they rush and don’t take the time to do the research.  This often leads to failure and frustration.

This are step involve in setting up a unique and professional website:

Step 1 – Register Your Domain Name

You can register our domain name with Website Palace or domain registrar of your choice.  All domain registrars provide the same service for the most part. The advantage to choosing Website Palace is you get the free video and e-book tutorials I provide to help you setup your site.  I don’t know of any host that offers this.

Step 2 -  Choose a Web Host

 You can choose the hosting plans on Website Palace or a hosting plan of your choice.  The regular hosting plans are best for large, complex or money making sites.  This is the most common type of hosting plan used by Webmasters.  You can’t go wrong if you choose this plan.
If you need more space, you might want to look into Hostgator or Powweb .  Both of these hosting companies provide “unlimited” space.

 You can still register your domain at Website Palace.

 Website Tonight is best for simple websites with just text and pictures.  I wouldn’t
recommend this host for ecommerce, affiliate or social networking sites.
Remember, no software is needed to create your site. WST provides templates and point-and-
click tools that are all browser-based.  That means you can update your site from any computer

If You Want a Blog…

It’s best to choose the regular web hosting plan from Website Palace (or any web host that has cPanel) and you can instantly setup your blog by signing into your hosting account and going to the “Applications” area to install the blog platform of your choice.  No manual uploading involved.  Again, I highly recommend WordPress.
DO NOT Choose Website Tonight hosting if you want a blog.

Step 3 – Create Your Site

If you chose a regular hosting plan then you need to decide how you will build your site.  You can code your site from scratch in Notepad (or any text editor) by learning HTML/CSS.Or you can buy software like Dreamweaver or CoffeeCup to create and manage your site.  The advantage of using one of these two software programs is you can publish your pages right to the web from the software.
All you have to do is login to your web hosting account and setup an FTP username/password. You will use this same user/pass combo to save your pages to the Internet using the software. I use Dreamweaver and I think it’s one of the best editors out there.  It’s simple enough for beginners, but advanced enough for more experienced users.

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