4 May 2017

How to make money on fiverr, Outsource Your fiverr Gigs to make $1875 per month


How to make money on fiverr, Outsource Your fiverr Gigs  to make $1875 per month

To make money on fiverr you need to smart I am not saying you should SCAM on fiverr, if you try to scam on fiverr your account we be deleted and noting you can do to it. To make money on fiverr, in Nigeria and any where in the world by  outsource your fiverr gigs you can  make $1875 per month depending on your hard working this technique and method is just new method, that you can implement to make money online, if you didn’t have any service/gigs that you can render on fiverr and you what to make money from fiverr. Start and make very eye carching gigs about services you love (interested in) create professional gigs on it.

 This is where the main profit making secrets are going to be. Very few sellers (especially among the best rated sellers) are doing this on Fiverr and so the greater majority are limiting themselves and not making as much money as they easily could. Basically everything you want to offer can be outsourced. You can just hire someone else to do the work while you keep the profits. Obviously, because you can only make $4 you won’t make a lot of money from one sale, but your goal is to create as many gigs as possible where you basically just act as the middle man between the buyer and your outsource worker.

Let me give you an example that you could use to make money from your gigs without doing any thing.

 As we can see, this girls offers testimonials in audio or video format. So let’s say we’ll offer audio testimonials. But what if you’re English isn’t that good? What if you can’t sound professional? That’s where outsourcing comes in place! What if you could hire someone to record a short 300-word testimonial for you? And what if you could pay someone $.004 per word? And you can. That’s how much I pay my voice over talents. Let’s do some math: 1500 words (5 testimonials @ 300 words each) x $.004 = - $6 1500 words x $7.5 (article writer for $2.5 for 300 words) = - $7.5 $4 (profit per gig) x 5 (5 gigs sold) = + $20 Total balance: + $6.5 so you just made $6.5 by not doing anything.

You get the order, sent two messages and request testimonials to be written, and then get the testimonial transformed into audio by a professional voice over talent and you just upload the audios. You could easily sell 100 gigs.
That’s $130! And if you start outsourcing like this, don’t forget that your goal is to start as many gigs as possible. You can easily get 25 gigs up and running in two or three months. If you only make 30 sales a month per gig and an average profit of only $2.5 per gig, you’ll be making $1875 monthly! And everything will be done thanks to the power of outsourcing.


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