3 May 2017




Website design is so simple and faster using dreamweaver to create your webpage adding CSS style, php coding to make your site look dynamics, Mysqual for data base storage, JQuary for accesing the data base with all this features, dreamweaver make it simple for any one to create or design website using this suitable website without knowing the codding part.

You can create your website in just one day without knowing the code part of web design like HTML Code, php, mysquar, JQuary and so on. Creating website is so simple with this software.

To create  website using dreamweaver 8, dreamweaver 8 is the easiest way for any one to create website without know codding part (HTML,CSS, PHP, JQuaery e.t.c.) website creation nowadays are getting more porpular every day without limitation, one of the best interesting part in creating website is that creating website know is soo simple, for example creating of website with dreamweaver 8, without having knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQUAL, JQuary e.t.c. you can create your own website, without having knowledge on this programming stuff. This programming thing is the one that is make people to afraid of  been designing of website but know is soo simple for you to create your own website with dreamweaver 8, you can buy template if you don’t what to stress your self in creating website using dreamweaver 8.
Dreamweaver 8 is the best software for any one to create website in just simple step by step procedure

To create website using dreamweaver 8, this are step included:

1.Start Windows Explorer and create a folder for your web pages.

2. Return to Dreamweaver.

3. Choose Site, New Site.
4. The Site Definition window opens.


1.                  Name the Site in the Site Name box and Click Next.

2.                  We are not using server technology Click No and then Click Next.

3.                  Select the recommended option in this window which is edit local copies on my machine then browse to the folder that you created for storage of your web page files and click Next.

4.                  The connection type is FTP- click
the down arrow and select FTP
The host name of the FTP server
Is web pages. The path for the folder on the server for storing files for a departmental site would be
/home/username/department acronym EXAMPLE: /home/smart/ucis
For a personal site it would be
/home/username/public-html EXAMPLE: /home/smart/public-html
Type the same username used when logging into the network.

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