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If you want to create a social media or networking site, you’ll need to find a script that you want to use. As I mentioned earlier, you can either use PHPFox or Elgg . (There are many more but these are two that I have read about).  Just remember, you are responsible for setting these scripts up on your own hosting account. No web host is going to help you install a custom script that they did not provide.  Make sure you get the help you need from the site you get the script from.

Know you can create free social media site for your church, school, family friends community, department e.t.c. you can create free social media or networking site, free domain free hosting and free template/theme/script without any money.

There are two site I know about know that you can use to create free social media or networking site without a Dim, this are: NING.COM AND SOCIALGO.COM

Social Networking Site -- No Domain or Hosting Needed

If you do not want to install and customise a script on your own domain, you can always use Ning or SocialGo.com .  It’s much easier to setup and you do not need to buy a domain or
hosting package.  The downside is your site sits on a 3 party server and you do not need technically own the content.  There will also be design limitations.
If you are going to use a 3 party solution like this, you should at least register a domain
And rd redirect/mask the name to your Ning or SocialGo site so the address is your domain.com instead of yoursite.ning.com Website Palace offers free domain redirection and masking with every domain purchase.  That means you can buy a domain and set it to automatically forward to any site you choose. Masking allows you to hide the forwarded address in the browser address bar. So if you setup a social networking site at Ning.com, you can buy your own domain and have it redirect to your Ning site so your address of your site is sitename.com instead of sitename.ning.com.  Keep in mind, your site is still sitting on the 3 party server, even if you are using a domain redirect.

Hire a Programmer

If you cannot find a script for the kind of site you want, you can always outsource a programmer.  I use a site called RentaCoder.com when I need technical tasks completed that I cannot do myself. The advantage of hiring someone to create your script is you can get exactly what you want and you don’t have to worry about editing much of the code.  Just make sure that you get a clear understanding of how to maintain/update your site going forward.   Many scripts are very complex and complicated to update if you do not have a programming background. You don’t want to be left at the mercy of someone else’s knowledge when it comes to maintaining or troubleshooting your site.  So be sure you understand what you’re getting into if you want to manage a social networking website.

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