3 May 2017

HOW TO ADD CONTENT TO WEB PAGE: adding TeXt to website page


HOW TO ADD CONTENT TO WEB PAGE: adding TeXt to website page

        Adding content to webpage is create properties of any website without a content or Text in web page nothing can be called a website. And webpage is the one that make up a website that are join together by Link.

            This are procedure needed to add content to web page using dreamweaver 8

1.                  Using the Properties Inspector toolbar.
2.                  Set your font style and size. Size options in HTML are integers from 1 to 7. The actual size will vary depending on the operating system and the browser in which the page is viewed.

Adding Image on web page using dreamweaver 8

1.                  Any images that will be included in your web page must be in the web page folder. Copy the images you need into that folder. However, when you insert an image into Dreamweaver that is not in the root folder, you will be prompted to copy the image into the folder. Dreamweaver will put the image in the root folder. If you wish to have your images in a sub directory called images, you should copy those images into the folder before placing them in your web page.
2.                  Click the desired location of where you would like your image to appear.
3.                  From the Insert menu select Image or other desired insert item.
4.                  Re size the image as appropriate. The cell and table will adjust accordingly.
5.                  Cell padding will move the image from the edge of the cell by the specified number of pixels.

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