8 May 2017

Akiolu: A Beast In The Oni_of ife Palace!


Akiolu: A Beast In The Oni_of ife Palace

With aggregate conciliatory sentiment to my companions here who are from Lagos and furthermore to the stool of Oba of Lagos! Give me a chance to begin by saying that i have add up to regard for the position of authority Oba Akiolu is presently occupying,but i need to state it again that the current Oba of Lagos is a major aggravation who has no regard for Yoruba race and what we as a (Yoruba)Nation remains for! What he did to Ooni of Ife in this video is absolutely condemnable,stupid and uncalled for. Oonirisa might be youthful in age however he remains the agent of Oduduwa and overseer of Yoruba culture and legacies. Ooni isn't known to be arrogant,his exercises since his enthronement will bear witness to that fact.He even bent(out of regard) to welcome Akiolu....what else?!! Regardless of the possibility that Akiolu is having individual issue with Oonisa,he should not to have made it this far,this his move is absurd and exceptionally Yoruba. 

This lone confirmed it that Akiolu is a pompous entrepreneur who has no particle of air that runs with his status and the position he is possessing. He is a major disfavor to himself,Lagos State and the entire Yoruba Nation!

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